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Just about as random as you could be

In an attempt to lower the number of certified weirdo’s that erroneously bump into this site searching Google for “poop” (see also our statistics), Dr Sharleena and I decided to have a random title displayed each time you visit the page. We could use some more titles, so if you have any suggestions, do post them—must be somehow Zappa related though…

A Mean Tarot

[ Spotted at eBay. ]

How to tie in Kenny Rogers with the Lilith Fair

Tips on How to Look Like Kenny Rogers. From the bearded people at
And for a dose of misogynist political incorrectness: Rating the women of the Lilith Fair. On Liz Phair: “It wasn’t hard getting this skinny pasty-white dorm bitch to agree to fuck me, but it was damn near impossible for me to keep it up while looking at her face, which looked so much like my pet gerbil Hodges that I had an overwhelming desire to put wood chips up her ass.”

Pantie Sniffing Festival

Meet Matthew Williams. He’s the Maine weirdo arrested last Friday (8/23) after a homeowner discovered the 19-year-old man asleep in his bed, wearing nothing but the homeowner’s daughter’s pink panties.
Are my eyes deceiving me, or is he still wearing them in the mugshot?

Deb, lookie this!!!

FZ:OZ is the CD of the month in
The Chrome Dinette! Thanks UMRK!

Slightly Biased Post

The fascinating story of the Apple logo. (stolen from korochi industrias)

Hidden Bias

At, some slightly more serious tests measuring hidden racial, gender, age and body image bias. I was ready willing and able to take one, when a message appeared saying the tests don’t work on Mac iExplorer. A little biassed perhaps? ;-)

Guess That Bodypart

What do people do on a slow day at the office? They play stupid online games where they try to match legs or breasts to the corresponding celebrity. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go get some work done!
(I’m getting pretty good at it by the way)

Satirewire RIP

SatireWire quits: “It’s all on the ground now. The parade is over. I’m just sweeping up ideas off the pavement. And that’s not good enough.”

Stuff that lives

in the dark corners of the internet:
• A poster for a concert in 1975 New Year’s evening with Todd Rundgren and Captain Beefheart;
• This portrait of Frank;
• And a ’77 comic from Punk magazine that made me laugh for a while…
One from the last moment:
• This is a photo of Frank with Hendrix’s guitar, way before Dweezil restored it. (thanks Marcelo Gasió from

New additions

to the CHROME DINETTE playlist.
The first is Project Object (with Ike Willis), “The Evil Prince” from
their CD called ‘Absolutely Live’.
The other is from Bogus Pomp, “Watermelon In Easter Hay” features.
The Chrome Dinette is gonna have a surprise for the next CD of the month (in september).
Stay tuned!!

Oh boy! Wabbit twacks!

The Looney Tunes SoundSource is packed with soundbytes made famous by their respective owners: Buggs Bunny, Wile E. Coyote, Roadrunner, Daffy Duck, and my personal favorite: Elmer Fudd!

Fetish, anyone?

Disclaimer: These pages are dedicated to people who like to see women dying for a pee. That means you will hardly see wet pants and no naked peeing – we mainly have pictures of women trying to hold back.”

Selling Out

The Doors’ John Densmore on selling out: “So, in the spirit of the Bob Dylan line, “Money doesn’t talk, it swears,” we have been manipulated, begged, extorted and bribed to make a pact with the devil.”

Cosmic Debris

Wrap a newspaper around your head and invoke the psychic spirits through the cristal ball in the internet. It worked for me 8-)!! (source: pdw)