Flou Artistique

The Worst Band Photos Of All Time contains exactly the kind of collection you think it does. Here’s a sample, where the photographer apparently went wild with the vaseline.
Thank god for the seventies!

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  1. Barry says:

    … and don’t tell me you can’t see no image, please!

  2. DebK says:

    Truly horrific. And funny as hell! Here is my favorite:

  3. DebK says:

    Well, what went wrong there? I was using my best HTML spell?????!#$$%^&*###

  4. Barry says:

    You probably mean this one

  5. DebK says:

    Exactly! Thank you, sir! I’ll have to go back to my grimoire and study some more.

  6. Dr Sharleena says:

    I’m just bookmarking it! And it has 20 links ahead…Great finding Barry!

  7. DebK says:

    Let’s try this again, okay? These guys look like my
    Old Coven! Sigh…..Those were the days!

  8. SOFA says:

    Is that Spinal Tap at the top of page 5, or a look-alike band?

  9. SOFA says:

    Oh my God! Check out page 21, pics 4 & 5 for the pooched out succulence of Edwin “Punky” Meadows!
    But I aint queer…

  10. Dr Sharleena says:

    …I can’t access the page right now (must be the massive HotPoop linkage :-) So Spinal Tap and “Punky” Meadows are there? I can’t wait! Sofa, you already made it to the 21 page, i’m truly impressed! Take care with the overdose :-)

  11. DebK says:

    Look it’s Larry the Dwarf
    with a guitar! From page 14.

  12. DebK says:

    …I can’t access the page right now (must be the massive HotPoop linkage :-)

    Yes, I think you are right Sharl, it’s very slow even now! It is an extremely absorbing site. Can’t tear myself away!

  13. Dr Sharleena says:

    Yes, that IS Spinal Tap! and Larry The Dwarf…
    Sofa: which one is “Punky” Meadows? the one in the left? I mean, by your comment…Btw: having a dose of this site in the morning is pretty exciting..! here’s a dopamins round for all! :-)

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