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Uncle Meat Mystery Digits

From Reilly Joret: I just had a question concerning Uncle Meat. I was looking through the cd booklet and on the back there are small pics of the band members (and their teeth) as well as a skull. My question pertains to the numbers both under the pictures and on the skull. Do you know what these stand for or if they have any meaning whatsoever?
Umm… nope, not a clue. Which is why I’m posting the question here… anyone?

Church of Mary

Church of Mary: Providing guidelines for life, love, genital torture and global damnation.

A job well done!

YellowMudShark and Sofa, Webmaster and General Publisher of, drinking a well deserved Belgian beer after the titanical tasks of masonry/painting/pipelines on TBN’s site. Congrats gentlemen! (picture shoot by Sharleena, before she spoiled it all with her first entry)

TBN: Back With A Vengeance

The Big Note is back with a vengeance! A new handy lay-out, loads of new articles, tests and quizzes plus a whole new fingerlickin-good bunch of RealAudio-tracks up for download; including Frank Zappa live stuff, tribute acts and member contributions. Go there now!

Funnel Or Tunnel

Ram it, ram it, ram it, up – … well you decide.

pdw blogs!

Haah! Patrick De Witte is weblogging! Who the fuck is PDW you ask. Apart from being a columnist for Belgium’s finest weekly magazine Humo, he’s also an incredibly funny person. His weblog is in english by the way.


Hey (or whoohow if you prefer): an interview with Frank Zappa I hadn’t come across yet. Conducted by Arf Society member Michael Heinze at Frank’s home in North Hollywood, July 30 1990.

Knock Knock

Who’s there?

We’re Not Pregnant

We can assure you this site is currently not pregnant. Must be them tongue lubricated condoms we’ve been using.

What would you do with the WTC plot?

Adam Purple is an artist/gardener that created, back in the 70s-80s this garden in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.
Now, Adam and a group of urban designers and gardeners are proposing to create a garden in the piece of ground where the WTC was before Sept. 11th. Perhaps you might want to sign the petition online…

FZ in Oz Delayed

…says this announcement. Sad.

Apostrophe(‘): The Alternate Cover

Just stumbled with this alternate cover for Apostrophe, which i’ve never seen before. Interesting.

Shut Up ‘n Show Yer Guitars

Here’s a couple of cool pics of Zappa’s various guitars, with an equally interesting typography (the page is japanese).
via TBN-member YaHozna.

Peter P.

The amount of green and cheeziniss on this charming page should keep you nauseated for the next couple of hours.

Another Greatest Bands List

Spin Magazine’s 50 Greatest Bands Ever. Doesn’t feature Mothers Of Invention. Does feature Korn and Guns ‘n Roses. I leave you to draw your own conclusions.