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Oh, well…It’s Saturday

Barry won’t mind about this today: Amish Heat brings the HOTTEST
Amish on the Web! Chicks with sticks! You can even register for a FREE trial membership (no pop-ups) and there are lots of free samples! I can’t wait for the guys site…


More info is being released concerning Zappanale #13. On the right navbar, I’ve inserted a link to the german arf society for details.
The Idiot Bastard says:
Meanwhile, Nigey Lennon tells me “Lennon/Tabacco/Zappa are appearing in the evening on Sunday 28th July. Our band will be augmented by Ed Palermo on alto sax, plus some of Ed’s horns, in addition to our own Jay Rozen and two other tuba players from Köln – resulting in something that’s a mutant hybrid of the notorious 1974 FZ line-up and the Grand Wazoo. For the closing song we’re planning a grand finale with musicians from as many other bands as are game! Also, Ed is going to be performing on Saturday, July 27 with his own band (or most of it anyway), with assistance from Candy, John, and myself.”
Oh, and have you seen this teaser?

Almost everything i know is wrong

Everything you know is wrong: is everything you know wrong?

Yes, it is. I scored 12 out of 27…And got very surprised about the correct answers…

The real truth unveiled

This is gonna hurt, but someone had to tell the truth sometime: Belgium Doesn’t Exist!

I’ll take the occasion for sending a message to my mom: this gigantic conspiracy has been unmasked! Tell me who payed you to serve me those Brussels sprouts since I was a child!
Confess now!


That’s a nasty couple of nosehairs you have there.

I’m a friggin’ Range Rover

Which car are you?

More Moore more

Michael Moore, one of America’s finest alternative voices, has been experiencing considerable financial troubles. But, things are on the up: despite the fact that the media are totally ignoring his book “Stupid White Men”, it has reached the number one spot in the US for four weeks in a row now. Way to go!


Awright, mate, so ye dinnae what “Trainspotting” gadge ye are, aye? Take the loupin quiz tae find oot, likesay. Nae git ootay here, ye plukey-faced wanker!
The Which Trainspotting Character Are You Quiz.
I should make one that tells you which FZ-songcharacter you are or something. Ideas, anyone?

Mmmmm… chicken

I’m sure Barry would have lots of fun playing around with this fabulous Simpsons soundboard but work is being an incredible bitch for him this week. Aah, crap!

Information is not knowledge

…but here’s another attemp in HotPoop’s constant pursuit of enlightenment: Connoisseurs of Cock, for the gals, and Female Anatomy for Guys (yes, for the guys). Now, you too can be an erudite!

Where Would You Like To Go Today?

Good grief, I’m Windows XP. What about you?

Potty Putter-Piddle Poop ‘N Putt

Crazy for minigolf? Work on your golf game while on the potty! As seen on TV, Potty Putter-Piddle Poop ‘N Putt helps improve your putting even when you go to the bathroom!
Endorsed by the PPPGA
(Piddle Poop ‘N Putt Golf Association)

Frank & the world’s symphony orchestras

The Final Conflict, an article written by Ben Watson in 1996, in occasion of a concert given by The Ensemble Modern that year, points out some details in the bizarre relationship of Zappa and (or against) orchestral musicians.

…and…it’s Search Engines Time again..!

Test your cat’s nerves with the Britney’s Naked Cat-a-Phone!

Meet Joe, the interactive bra

Joe has the kind of job I’d happily apply for.