The real truth unveiled

This is gonna hurt, but someone had to tell the truth sometime: Belgium Doesn’t Exist!

I’ll take the occasion for sending a message to my mom: this gigantic conspiracy has been unmasked! Tell me who payed you to serve me those Brussels sprouts since I was a child!
Confess now!

7 thoughts on “The real truth unveiled”

  1. don’t worry, the odds for my mom to see this are less than 1 in a million…And i just LOVE Brussels sprouts! I think that converts me in an accomplice…Oh, well…

  2. But – but… it says on my passport here: “Nationality: Belgium”… and I will testify before a grand jury that belgian chocolate is the best; and I know for a fact that fries are belgian, not french… and belgian beers are the summit of alcoholic delight… Very distraughtening stuff Dr Sharl…
    Damn liberals!

  3. I too was very distraught when seeing this website. My mom was born in Belgium and I have lived there for many years in Waterloo and Brussels. But some funny ass stuff.

  4. It’s actually not a problem, in that I’m going to catch more than one non-existant buzz from it. And if I get pulled over, I simply explain that I couldn’t be drunk on non-existant beer.
    Yeah, I know; it took me two days to figure that one out?

  5. Gabriela, what are you doing with this people? Brussels sprouts do exist! I’m looking at you, don’t do this again or i’ll tell grandma!


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