Frank & the world’s symphony orchestras

The Final Conflict, an article written by Ben Watson in 1996, in occasion of a concert given by The Ensemble Modern that year, points out some details in the bizarre relationship of Zappa and (or against) orchestral musicians.

2 thoughts on “Frank & the world’s symphony orchestras”

  1. One week into shipping of the much anticipated FZ in Australia!

    If the projected shipping was to take place in “4-8 weeks”, you would think that 25% have been shipped. I’m surprised I haven’t seen any reviews of the release yet.

  2. Oh my; he’s awfully long winded, isn’t he?
    From what I’ve been reading, his commentary is rather suspect. Criticisms range from “uttering absolute poot”, to “his analogies exist only in HIS world”, to “out to lunch – completely lost touch with reality”.
    So, although interesting to read, I guess I’m going to take what he says with a mountain of salt…
    I hear Ben Watson is full of shit too.

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