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Female or Shemale

Very scary, this quiz. Female or Shemale? I got 11 out of 16 right…

FZ overview

This page provides a comprehensive view of the various musical paths Frank Zappa chose throughout his carreer. A good read for people who are at the startingpoint of digging into his tremendous output. (Credit to PhatElvis for digging up the link!)


I bet, if Zappa would have lived to see these grim times, he would have laughed his ass off at the phenomenon we call The Chatroom. At Hey ASL! you can post your profile (age sex location), so that next time you enter The Back Seat Chatroom as WellhungTexanboy3578, and a cute girl by the name of 132SexGoddess asks u 4 ur asl, u just point her there! Dude, kewl!

Billy Wilder

And Billy Wilder makes three.

Thieves of Bad Gags

Milton Berle dies aged 93. Berle was called the “Thief of Bad Gags” and even joked about stealing quips. “I laughed so hard I nearly dropped my pencil,” he once said of a rival comedian, and he stopped at nothing for a laugh. “From the first days of my career, he was one of my comedic heroes,” Don Rickles said. “He was always a great mentor. His style of comedy will never be replaced.”
And also today Dudley Moore dies. Ten! Arthur! It’s a sad day for comedy…

Cool Zappa pics

Have a look at these wonderful photographs taken by Peter MacKay, from the Mothers concerts in Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen), 1968. Also some miscellaneous Zappa related pictures.


Rolling Stone sez these are really cool websites…. Ohhhhh, It’s gotta be true! Try Jotto. Be warned…. veeeerrrry strange. Over on I tried to find something with any kind of Zappa odor… I think this list does the trick. This is actually a pretty funny site.


Have you ever heard about the Foot Operated
Breast Enlarger Pump, the Vibrometer and The McGregor Rejuvenator?
Check out these Questionable Medical Devices.
I wonder if there is a female version of the Timely Warning…

belgian OT

Belgium Healthiest Nation In The World: Never mind their passion for heaps of steaming mussels, French fries soaked in mayonnaise, potent beers and to-die-for chocolates: Belgians are the healthiest people in the world, the London-based World Markets Research Center said Monday.
Nice cold Stella, anyone?

zappa releases some more

Non-americans having trouble pre-ordering the latest Zappa release from Barfko Swill, can do so at The good people at Planet Zappa have posted what they think the playlist of FZ in Australia will be. Meanwhile, Gail Zappa has apparently teamed up with a couple of musicians (Bill Rhoads and Rika Iino) who run Sozo Arts. This site offers releases for about a dozen artists including Ornette Coleman, John Zorn… and Frank Zappa. They might eventually distribute the entire output/catalogue of FZ. Are you with me still?

GI Jeffrey D

GI Joe and Barbie are passé, moms ‘n dads! Get with the latest craze and buy your kids a serial killer action figure! Hours of recreative delight in the company of such infamous fruitcakes as Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy and David Berkowitz. Optional accessories include axes, clown suits, cuffs and an unhappy childhood!

Assholes & Blind Winos

Are you an asshole?. While I’m at it, I just stumbled onto this web site. I did not link to any specific page, because I have found the whole thing to be quite interesting. Check out the “driver” and “satan” pages.

MANties: just for men!

A quick note on fashion for this season change: introducing MANties! panties made just for guys. There is a complete assortment for you to choose and yes, they have the extra room where you need it. Say goodbye to the plain old boring white cotton and enjoy!


I really miss the glory days of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Here is a complete list of Zappa references made on the show.

for those about to quizZz

I finally managed to get two Z-quizzes back up. They are: The Medium Weight Zappa Quiz and The Quiz Of Your Dreams. The Lingo Quizzes are going to have to wait a while…