I bet, if Zappa would have lived to see these grim times, he would have laughed his ass off at the phenomenon we call The Chatroom. At Hey ASL! you can post your profile (age sex location), so that next time you enter The Back Seat Chatroom as WellhungTexanboy3578, and a cute girl by the name of 132SexGoddess asks u 4 ur asl, u just point her there! Dude, kewl!

Thieves of Bad Gags

Milton Berle dies aged 93. Berle was called the “Thief of Bad Gags” and even joked about stealing quips. “I laughed so hard I nearly dropped my pencil,” he once said of a rival comedian, and he stopped at nothing for a laugh. “From the first days of my career, he was one of my comedic heroes,” Don Rickles said. “He was always a great mentor. His style of comedy will never be replaced.”
And also today Dudley Moore dies. Ten! Arthur! It’s a sad day for comedy…

zappa releases some more

Non-americans having trouble pre-ordering the latest Zappa release from Barfko Swill, can do so at The good people at Planet Zappa have posted what they think the playlist of FZ in Australia will be. Meanwhile, Gail Zappa has apparently teamed up with a couple of musicians (Bill Rhoads and Rika Iino) who run Sozo Arts. This site offers releases for about a dozen artists including Ornette Coleman, John Zorn… and Frank Zappa. They might eventually distribute the entire output/catalogue of FZ. Are you with me still?