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A collection of soundbites

A collection of soundbites from the Howard Stern Radio Show.
I’ve never heard that show myself (me no americano) but there’s some funny stuff there. Like the BeeGees going: “You’ll never know what it’s like to lose your penis!”.

Abuse-a-tron: a public devICE

Abuse-a-tron: a public devICE to abuse and being abused…

Honey, don’t you want

Honey, don’t you want a girl like me?

While surfing the net,

While surfing the net, I’ve found this comment in the always updated, assorted Zappa Patio (btw: thanks!).
Not that I’m gonna say something about swedish taste, no, no, no.
I can understand something like this going on in the ’80s, where prejudices were the rule, but doing it now, in 2002…?
The UN, or the IMF, or George Dubya, or someone should do something to avoid this outrage…

Know more about yourself:

Know more about yourself: What Your Sleep Positions Say About You. Listen to what your body is saying!

Freaky Sex Factoids:Australian women

Freaky Sex Factoids:

  • Australian women are the most likely to have sex on the first date.
  • Women who went to college are more likely to enjoy both the giving and receiving of oral sex than high school dropouts.
  • Jazz fans, gun owners and those who lack confidence in the president are among the most sexually active Americans.

I think I’ll move to Australia and open a jazz club near a university.

Meanwhile, in France… PierreJean

Meanwhile, in France…
PierreJean Gaucher records SleepDirt together with accordionist Marc Berthoumieux. Download by clicking here.

Web-cams? Oh, yes, there

Web-cams? Oh, yes, there are thousands. But not like this one: The Rectum Cam. Check out what these engineers have developed; perhaps any of you wants to apply as a volunteer?

The Large Penis Support

The Large Penis Support Group whips it out.
Update Feb 18: The Large Penis Support Group decides to tuck it back in and deletes, what I thought , was a wonderful thread on the trials and tribulations of the Modern Day Well Hung Person… So don’t bother clicking the link above, it’s dead!

The American Congress writes

The American Congress writes a bill declaring popcorn to be a valuable part of the human diet.
(Via that prince of blogs, L.Y.D.)

An intricate comparison of

An intricate comparison of the music of Frank Zappa and Sun Ra (suggested to us by our highly esteemed reader, Phat Elvis. Thanks bud!)

Here are a couple

Here are a couple of links to understand what happened with the Enron collapse lately:A comprehensive cartoon guide and How to explain Enron to your children.
Now, look at the letters that these guys have received to pull down their site…

Barry, this may be

Barry, this may be a tough revelation for your imaginary publisher: The Darker Side of Abba…
“It is clear the popular image of Abba does not always correspond to the reality. …And what about Agnetha breaking off her engagement before falling into the arms of Björn, who lost his virginity “while still in his early teens”? Horrors!!
I hope you are seen this before, to warn him…

Here’s a person who

Here’s a person who could have made a homepage about his cat, or his favorite band, or his stamp collection.
Instead he made an informative homepage about navel fluff.

Incredibly stupid games to

Incredibly stupid games to pass summer vacations in an exotic, unstable South American country!! My favorite ones: Papal Bowling and the Bill Gates target series. You can also take this eye examination chart, and then play a little while with the fart waffle (select it from the “cartoons” menu)