I dunno why, a

I dunno why, a friend of mine sent me this link to improve my english :-).
The Washington Post’s Style Invitational asked readers to take any word from the dictionary, alter it by adding, subtracting or changing one letter, and supply a new definition.Check out Washington Post’s Style Invitational, and also her idiot bastard son Dilbert’s newest additions to add to your vocabulary. Back to my studies! :-)

Ack. I was cut

Ack. I was cut off the internet all evening yesterday. So I finally got time to burn a couple of CD’s for a pal (yes Dave, those are your CD’s I’m talking about!), and after that I lit a couple of candles, got myself a beer, managed to get the MiniDisc-player to play again (it was acting weird before) and listened to a couple of MiniDiscs I’ve received recently. They’re recordings of a FZ-interview/special made by BBC’s Radio One. Cool stuff! He talks about the Mann/Thunes conflict of the 88 tour, the pmrc, the early days, MTV, … I’ll see if I can type some of this stuff out for the site.
Hmmm… haven’t got a link to post, come to think of it – oh well, a gratuitous link to The Big Note will have to do! ;o)