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Okay okay, that was

Okay okay, that was sort of a stupid link… allow me to make it up to you with this one! Scroll down to where it says “Frank Zappa” [hello hello], and behold the MP3’s, including the FZ/John Lennon Jam and the 1976-10-24 Boston gig…

You’re So Gay!

You’re So Gay!

Ed Palermo: “What Edgar

Ed Palermo: “What Edgar Varèse was to Frank Zappa, Frank Zappa is to me.”
He’s Not In It For The Money : interesting interview with the leader from one of the great FZ tribute bands.

In the article Palermo also states that “you have to get passed the ugliness to discover the beauty of Zappa’s music” (or something to that effect, I’m quoting off the top of my head here). First album that came to mind when I read that, was “ThingFish”, with its notorious supposed racist/misogynist undertone, and of course that ever popular Hustler pictorial to further crank up the Provoke-O-Mat.
ThingFish had me slightly amazed stumped when I listened to it, and it’s still far from being my favorite Zappa-release. But reading stuff about the libretto has turned out to be very entertaining. Hours of good reads over at these pages on whatchamacallits, Sister Jasmine Noxema-Tapioca, Mammy Nuns and other Unknown Kreetchuh’s…

Planet Of The Dubyas

Planet Of The Dubyas – Part One. Will Sparky The Penguin survive?

Dear Dr Sharleena: it

Dear Dr Sharleena: it would appear that the sexiest geek alive has been elected, judging from the link you graciously provided. The Sexiest Geek Alive is a woman by the name of Ellen Spertus, and turns out to be a pretty good Phlorescent Leech lookalike.
Okay, so maybe Geekdom is not your thing, well, how about RockStardom In One Easy Lesson?

This one for geeks

This one for geeks all around the world (I know you are somewhere out there!) Find the sexiest geeks alive in the web, and maybe you could participate in the contest. Don’t lose this oportunity!!

Parody breeds parody. Warning:

Parody breeds parody.
Warning: not Zappa-related, but very funny nonetheless. MetaFilter kicks ass!

Bald Headed John updates

Bald Headed John updates TheBignote’s Vault of Zappa Live MP3’s.
Among the goodies are tracks from the last 3/25/88 US show which features Dweezil on “Stairway To Heaven”, the Stockholm 88 gig (“Big Swifty/T’Mershee Duween” with Mats & Morgan), and two Beatles-covers from the 2/27/88 Detroit gig. Go there now, and enjoy the music.

At, you can

At, you can now find the original script for “Captain Beefheart vs. The Gruntpeople”, as written by Frank Zappa.
And here’s yet another interesting article exploring the Influence of Edgard Varèse on Frank Zappa. (via good ol’ affz)

Well How About This.

Well How About This.

Another three sites join

Another three sites join CCFZ—The First FZ Webring: The Big Frank Zappa Links Page, Bwanazappa and Zomby Woof.
Is there any other 20th century artist that has harvested this kind of online following? FZ is not dead, and as a matter of fact: he doesn’t even smell funny.

Found in Barry’s FreeLinks

Found in Barry’s FreeLinks page: “The Zappa Interviews”. A mighty fine site with spoken word MP3’s and video’s. And a nice webmaster too. He mailed me saying he’d created a colourscheme on his linkspage especially for my banner! Thanks Mike!

“The books that the world calls immoral are the books that show the world its own shame.” — Oscar Wilde
Banned Book Week: September 22-29, 2001

And lastly: go and read this sardonically funny article on Mariah Carey. Not Zappa-related, I know, but simply too damn funny not to post it. A quote:
Ways to tell that Mariah Carey’s breasts are not real:
Real nipples are not ALWAYS erect. Mariah could carve a Thanksgiving Turkey and her nipples would still be sharp enough to cut through a steel pipe.

So, that’s what Ricky

So, that’s what Ricky Lancelotti looked like? I would never imagine…
Here is an interesting article about Zappa.
(Ok, i haven’t finished reading it yet, but i’ll do it when I come back from the supermarket!)

Browsing through The Zappa

Browsing through The Zappa Patio, I came across this hilareous page where FZ-sidemen and the Muppets are fused effortlessly.
Go see, it’s right on the dot! If you’ve ever wondered what Ricky Lancelotti looked like, there’s some pics of him there too.

If Elvis were still

If Elvis were still alive, he would look something like this.