Satisfaction Injection – Solaris (outtake)

I recently came across this new band, Satisfaction Injection, while trolling around looking for new music. They consist of Matthijs Tuijn (guitar/tenor saxophone), Bas Warner (guitar), Kim Bots (alto saxophone/clarinet), Jonathan Roorda (bass guitar/piano) and Laurens Roorda (drums/soprano saxophone). They first began as a jamming formation that has grown to a band with own material and an extensive cover repetoire. Jazz forms the basis of their music which experiments with funk, fusion and post-rock. Jazz like John Coltrane, and progressive rock bands like The Brecker Brothers, Caravan, and Frank Zappa are also inspirations and influence. To hear more, check out their page at

9 Responses to “Satisfaction Injection – Solaris (outtake)”

  1. jane23 says:

    Is Satisfaction Injection ripping off Frank Zappa???
    The 3rd note to the seventh note the guitarist plays is stolen from the openeing melody of Uncle Meat!!!

  2. Harry Barris says:

    Amateurish bossa nova fuzak lounge jam–Great! (not)

  3. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    I like it, even if it’s perhaps a tad bit too easy-listening. Will have a deeper look.

  4. urbangraffito says:

    [quote comment=”3300″]Is Satisfaction Injection ripping off Frank Zappa???
    The 3rd note to the seventh note the guitarist plays is stolen from the openeing melody of Uncle Meat!!![/quote]

    Hey, jane, they’re young, they’re new, and they’re Zappa-esque! It doesn’t surprise me that any musician (or group) that names FZ as an influence and an inspiration is going to quote him from time to time (if not outrightly cover). I mean, anyone who can tackle FZ’s notes certainly has the right to play them, yes?

  5. jane23 says:

    Absolutely Yes, Mr. Graffito. When I first started writing music I “wrote” this really interesting melody that, much to my dismay, turned out to be a note for note ripoff of a piece from Uncle Meat.
    I really felt like a jackass when I realized what I had done.
    But my comment about Satisfaction Injection was actually me trying to be somewhat satirical while attempting to jump on the coldplay/satriani/creakyboards controversy, (though the notes do bear a certain similarity to the uncle meat theme).

  6. urbangraffito says:

    I completely understand. As popular musical forms (those developed in the 20th Century) pass through modernism and into post-modernism, at what point will musicians such as Satisfaction Injection (including the whole coldplay/satriani/creakyboards controversy) be accused of plagiarism? 3rd note to 7th note? Certainly some standards should be set by the industry, or the musicians themselves, so these kind of accusations can be kept to a minimum. Do you agree?

  7. jane23 says:

    More Plagiarism: Is the opening riff from the Mooney Suziki’s Alive and Amplified a direct ripoff of Magic Fingers?
    Please vote by throwing your shoes.

  8. Roland says:

    You should check out there other stuff @ Last.FM, that’s more the kind of Zappa-tesque/prog-rock style!

  9. Matthijs Tuijn says:

    Yaaayyyy what an honor to be mentioned on KUR, a website that i as zappafan have been following for a few years now.

    For more zappa-like sounds check “Alweer Een Beer” or “Handdoek In De Kring”…or check us live for more weird sounds and rhythms (april 10th, patronaat haarlem)

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