Jethro Tull @ Fillmore East 1970

Let’s all climb aboard the YouTube time machine and trip back to the year 1970 at the Fillmore East where Jethro Tull is captured performing two tracks from their 1969 release, Stand Up: “A New Day Yesterday” and “For A Thousand Mothers”. Got to love the energy and enthusiasm in these videos. Well worth the trip.

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5 thoughts on “Jethro Tull @ Fillmore East 1970”

  1. if you listen closely to the lyrics it sounds like Ian says: I had to leave today just when I thought I’d POUND you. I always thought the lyric was FOUND you.
    In any event Ian could sure rock out with his codpiece out!!!
    But seriously though, come on Ian show some enthusiasm.
    You would think that he and the band could have put a little effort into the performance rather than standing there like statues.
    (I am kidding of course).

  2. Damn, this has everything that I’ve always hated about Tull. Will someone please toss Ian from the stage? But thanks for sharing.

  3. Great footage!
    I caught Tull 8 years later. Ian had toned it down a bit, but not much. I was 15 and those guys blew me away. I do admit that some of Ian’s banter is a little cheesy at times but how could you not like the energy level and the theatrics?! Ian must twist and frug just like James Brown!
    But I think after the Grammy fuck-up, Metallica made it popular for people to dislike Tull.

  4. I kind of liked the ‘Stand Up’ album – not ‘loved’, but liked. It’s the only Tull I ever bought, and I thought it was OK. Yes, Ian is a bit weird, but…so what? I notice he tells the hecklers to shut up so he can continue his ‘ego trip’. At least the guy has a sense of humor.

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