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  1. God , that was beautiful. I sat there with a Chesire cat grin all the way through it. It must have taken them so much time to come up with the arrangements for the songs. They should be duly commended. Bravo!

  2. Very fine, that’s one way Zappa will be incorporated into our common musical canon. The different ways to look at his compositions step by step clarify the overwhelming musical genius he was. Thanks a lot!

  3. Ohmegawd, can anyone name the first tune??? I’m at a loss when searching what it is … somewhere on Uncle Meat? … and when searching through the songs I get completely confused and lose the tune in my head I’m searching for. Please help out …

  4. For real: it was first found here at KUR, between the comments, by Freki…

    The tunes are: Igor’s Boogie – Oh no! – The Idiot Bastard Son – Uncle Meat,
    Concert by Duo Sonare (Jens Wagner&Thomas Offermann) in 1994.

  5. simply beautiful… check out their other videos, angelic arrangements and performances, though I think I may have heard a little bit of “Nine Types of Industrial Pollution”, “Dog Breath Variations” and maybe “Project X”… then again acoustic guitar Mothers tunes, perhaps I was merely reminded.

    Anyone else pick up on that?

  6. Great stuff. Some wrong notes on Igor’s Boogie (transcribing mistakes, not playing mistakes), but…what the hey. These guys are really really good! A pleasure.

  7. Finally I can listen to Zappa’s music at work without the headphones on! However, quite a few flubbed notes. Can’t tell if they are trying to play the wrong notes, or are just sloppy. The transcription to fretboard seems tedious at times. I mean wouldn’t it be easier to find a note closer on another string than to run up and down the fretboard carrying the extra weight of a slide?

  8. Thanks for the recognition balint!.
    it was just a youtube find anyways…
    Youtube was a big help on my Zappa initiation and band recognition almost 3 years ago.
    There are many Zappa vids in the tube that are worth seeing!

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