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Beard Quest

It would appear I’m not the only one to be experimenting with facial hair. Introducing Jon Dyers Beard Quest:

I’ve been growing a beard every winter for some years now, and every spring, I try to see how many facial hair variations as I can check off from the chart of facial hair types. Listed below are descriptions of the 34 facial hair types from the chart, including examples of the 19 24 variations that I’ve been able to attain so far.

Cool Klingon, dude!

Frampton’s Fingerprints Revisited

Anyone who had written off Peter Frampton after his excesses of the 70s, should really check out his 2006 release, Fingerprints. Accompanied by an array of talented musicians, including Gov’t Mule’s Warren Haynes, Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready, and the Rolling StonesBill Wyman and Charlie Watts, Frampton explores various combinations of jazz, blues, and rock on this completely instrumental album. And you thought only Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, and Al Di Meola made albums like this…

Meet The Über-Fans

Chuck Klosterman has a look at those kooks who attempt to physically resemble their musical idol, and comes to a conclusion which I think reaches beyond just that phenomenon:

My suspicion is that highly prolific artists – especially ones slagged off by cultural elitists – unknowingly present themselves in such a way that audiences recognise elements of themselves within the sonic iconography. If a musician a) ignores public criticism while b) producing a substantial body of work, an unwavering fanbase will self-select itself. They will see the artist as extra-human, will feel they “understand” how that artist’s music reflects (and replicates) their own experience, and will immerse themselves in the musician’s catalogue.

Don’t miss the photo gallery.

The Real Thing

Long before there were air guitarists, there was the real thing: Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Buddy Guy, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Guitar Slim, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Peter Green, Eric Clapton, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, and of course, Brian May.

1991 Hollywood Records remix of “Tie Your Mother Down” with a video mix made by Dave R. Fuller. Released on the A Day At The Races US CD. Remixed by Matt Wallace.

Turn Your Peter Green

Although I hardly ever contribute to the wiki anymore (yes, shame on me), I am still subscribed to the “Recent Changes” feed. Not only is it a delight to see the site grow at such an amazing speed (4,098 articles and counting), there’s also some highly entertaining stuff going on behind the curtains at times. Take this discussion for instance, regarding CC Clues for “In France”:

I’m behaving like an over-enthusiastic fido at the moment, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. Take the point on ‘some fans’ being unqualified. I based it on the ‘fact’ that among about 3 distinctly different social groups of people (fans) I knew at the time this album was released, all of them picked up on the notion that this was another Zappa leitmotiv- a ‘dig’ (using the phonetic of Peter Green) by the inbuilt Zappa nose that could sniff out the negatives that can result (by public elevation) from plain virtuosity appreciation to the ‘sucking dry’ or ‘ejaculations’ of repetitive stardom. Perhaps in the same vein as FZ’s ref to Clapton? e.g. Nasal Retentive Calliope Music.

Yes, I knew some Weird People then. Some of them had Short Hair.

Is this simply a shallow verse about a blow job? Why a ‘mystery’ blow job… a ref to some French glory-hole…or the setting up of the next line?

I did attempt some research. I shall do more.
–Tonefish 15:48, 18 May 2008 (PDT)

To which Duncan, ever the thorough researcher, responds:

I suspect it means what it says. Peter is a slang nickname for the penis. It was nothing more than infelicitous fellatio which turned peter green.
–Duncan 10:52, 19 May 2008 (PDT)

Air Guitar Nation

Got an hour and 20 minutes to spend? Here you go:

Jean-Luc Ponty – Live & New

In this video, Jean-Luc Ponty and his Band perform “No Absolute Time.” In June of last year, Ponty released his latest studio album entitled, The Atacama Experience, from Koch Records. Check out Ponty’s webpage for samples.

水に煙 (Smoke On The Water)

Jordan Zevon – Insides Out

Jordan Zevon, son of the late Warren Zevon, has just released his debut album entitled, Insides Out, from New West Records. Sure, there are bound to be comparisons with the old man. Especially with his cover of the song, “Studebaker”, which first appeared on the 2004 tribute album to his late father, Enjoy Every Sandwich. Yet, songs like Jordan’s “The Joke’s on Me” is enough of a self-effacing romp to reveal that he has found his own territory to explore and needn’t worry about being completely overshadowed by his father’s accomplishments. Check out Jordan’s MySpace page for both songs, among others.

London Calling

Andrew & Thomas
Andrew “Idiot Bastard Son” Greenaway and Thomas “Arf! Zappanale” Dippel at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, 10 May ’08. One for the family album.