Jordan Zevon – Insides Out

Jordan Zevon, son of the late Warren Zevon, has just released his debut album entitled, Insides Out, from New West Records. Sure, there are bound to be comparisons with the old man. Especially with his cover of the song, “Studebaker”, which first appeared on the 2004 tribute album to his late father, Enjoy Every Sandwich. Yet, songs like Jordan’s “The Joke’s on Me” is enough of a self-effacing romp to reveal that he has found his own territory to explore and needn’t worry about being completely overshadowed by his father’s accomplishments. Check out Jordan’s MySpace page for both songs, among others.

Loggins and Messina @ Wolfgang’s Vault

For those of us who remember the unique vocal harmony of Loggins and Messina from their string of highly successful albums in the 1970s — in particular, their quintessential 1974 live album, On Stage — we will surely welcome this musical stroll at San Francisco’s Cow Palace on April 4th, 1976, during their Farewell Tour. It explains why they were such FM radio staples in the 1970s and beyond (they don’t make music like this anymore, do they?).

Go on, try it, Be Free.