Turn Your Peter Green

Although I hardly ever contribute to the wiki anymore (yes, shame on me), I am still subscribed to the “Recent Changes” feed. Not only is it a delight to see the site grow at such an amazing speed (4,098 articles and counting), there’s also some highly entertaining stuff going on behind the curtains at times. Take this discussion for instance, regarding CC Clues for “In France”:

I’m behaving like an over-enthusiastic fido at the moment, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. Take the point on ‘some fans’ being unqualified. I based it on the ‘fact’ that among about 3 distinctly different social groups of people (fans) I knew at the time this album was released, all of them picked up on the notion that this was another Zappa leitmotiv- a ‘dig’ (using the phonetic of Peter Green) by the inbuilt Zappa nose that could sniff out the negatives that can result (by public elevation) from plain virtuosity appreciation to the ‘sucking dry’ or ‘ejaculations’ of repetitive stardom. Perhaps in the same vein as FZ’s ref to Clapton? e.g. Nasal Retentive Calliope Music.

Yes, I knew some Weird People then. Some of them had Short Hair.

Is this simply a shallow verse about a blow job? Why a ‘mystery’ blow job… a ref to some French glory-hole…or the setting up of the next line?

I did attempt some research. I shall do more.
–Tonefish 15:48, 18 May 2008 (PDT)

To which Duncan, ever the thorough researcher, responds:

I suspect it means what it says. Peter is a slang nickname for the penis. It was nothing more than infelicitous fellatio which turned peter green.
–Duncan 10:52, 19 May 2008 (PDT)

7 thoughts on “Turn Your Peter Green”

  1. for what it’s worth, I thought they were saying “turn your pee to green” suggesting gonorrhea

  2. I dared to translate a few of the lyrics into my own language, so in a way I was forced to find all the hidden ques and CC clues – mostly at arf.ru.
    But: I’ve never ever found an explanation of the phrase “read it and weep” – or as in Florentine Pogen: “Read ’em and weep”. <- what can it be, my English-speaking friends of the world?

  3. “Read ’em & weep” is a card game expression, where you show your cards to your opponent and they supposed to weep (cry) when they find out they lost the game. Does that help?

  4. I’m glad someone appreciated it 🙂 It took me a whole morning at work to come up with “infelicitous fellatio” 😉

    What do you call it when you Google something and only get a single result?

    Can I copyright it? Or does someone need a name for their band?

  5. Balint: Glad to be of service! Another context would be:
    (Newly-Signed-Musician) “Hey, I thought I had total artistic control!”
    (Record Executive) “Son, you’ll do whatever we tell you to do. It’s all in your contract. Read it and weep!!”
    …Just ask Flo & Eddie, among countess other artists…

  6. Heh, another surprise, language-wise – Chana In The Bushwop:
    “My impression is that the title and chanted chorus are an humorous transmogrification of the cliche metaphor ‘Bull in a China shop’. The image is of a big, wild, and powerful beast loosed among aisles of shelves displaying china teacups, plates, figurines etc. with the ensuing destruction and chaos.”
    We say in our language “Elephant in the china-shop” – but that’s basicly the same.

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