Frampton’s Fingerprints Revisited

Anyone who had written off Peter Frampton after his excesses of the 70s, should really check out his 2006 release, Fingerprints. Accompanied by an array of talented musicians, including Gov’t Mule’s Warren Haynes, Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready, and the Rolling StonesBill Wyman and Charlie Watts, Frampton explores various combinations of jazz, blues, and rock on this completely instrumental album. And you thought only Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, and Al Di Meola made albums like this…

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10 thoughts on “Frampton’s Fingerprints Revisited”

  1. Thank you for that, ug!
    I’ve been a fan of Peter’s since my inroduction to his work via Humble Pie’s “Rockin the Fillmore” in ’72. I followed his solo work, bought the vinyl, and was thrilled when the “Comes Alive” album came out.
    Then I watched in horror as it took over America… That kind of mass appeal comes with a heavy pricetag. I doubted Pete would ever recover.
    I even took just a little offense to FZ’s slamming of “I’m in You” (yes, the song itself is a vapid piece of crap, even taken IN context, but that album had a bitchin ‘Signed Sealed Delivered’ on it that made the cost of admission, IMO.
    I saw him first – still with hair – on a double bill with Stevie Nicks in 82 (I dubbed that show ‘A Tale of Two Pretties” – I was there to see Stevie, my wife was there for Peter; odd considering my earlier passion for his playing). I got to catch him again locally at a Festival 30 minutes south of here. 5 bucks to get in and music all day long – Peter headlined. I list this show as one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen – not for flash, but for substance. Peter was brilliant.
    And the best part was, some drunken asshole about 15 meters in (we were at about the 25m mark) was behaving rudely; Peter stopped the show, (in the middle of a song!) pointed him out with the spotlight guy, and had security eject him. It took about 7-8 minutes. The band kicked back into the tune like nothing had happened.
    I’m glad that Peter is still kicking ass and I miss Bob Mayo…

  2. Peter Frampton was/is one of the most underrated guitarists of his generation. I was pleased when he released Fingerprints in 2006 and showcased his obvious talents that those of us who remember of him from his Humble Pie “Rockin the Fillmore” days.

  3. I’m sorry to to say, but I just don’t hear it. I love this song, and I am glad to see that even this interpretation (too repetitive and sometimes sloppy) can’t bring it down. But I prefer the original any day.

  4. Sorry ’bout that urban.
    Yes I listened quite some times to Frampton. And yes, he’s much bigger than the self declared genius E. Clapton.
    I truly enjoyed The Herd, as they wre broadening my youthful mind way back then.
    And every now & then I just listen again to Humble Pie ( the great Steve Marriot, their studio recors & live, Fillmore ). That’s just part of my musical youth & education.
    Within that world ( young in the 70ties etc.) and overlooking nostalgia: Rory Gallagher, an Irishman, as a guitar player, and doing it all on his own, happens to be much bigger, overlooking the times.
    It’s for instance his official site, maintained by his brother :

  5. If there was another clip from Fingerprints available, jeroen, I would have posted it. Sure, Frampton’s cover of “Black Hole Sun” is probably the weakest point on the album, but I wouldn’t use it as a sole reason not to give the album’s other tracks at least an initial hearing before you make up your mind altogether.

  6. Is it allowed to make one addiotional remark?

    R. Gallagher, it’s Died in 1995. Great guitar player. (1) Still much tribute bands al over the place, (2) more important : he just opened ( future) door for groups like U2. And, yes, The Edge is very respectfull as he happened to be one of his early masters.

    When you visit Irish towns ( Dublin, Cork, etc. , etc, ) , you’ll notice that all his records are for sale in the state owned Irish promotion shops, alongside traditional Irish music, current pop bands and Celtic music. That’s one of the differences between EU & US. I hope that Canada is doing better than the US in that respect ( I know they do).

  7. [quote comment=”1228″]Is it allowed to make one addiotional remark?[/quote]
    As a rule of thumb bernard, ask yourself that question before you post your remark. Must say that I find your supposition that none of us have ever heard about Rory Gallagher quite funny! Hint: we’re not as stupid as you apparently think we are.

  8. Very, very good to hear ’bout current knowledge.

    My point was: what about the way FZ, RG & the like art, ie music, is supported by (1) their families, and (2) and most of all by their local governments & official instances in order to makie their music survive the times. Indeed there should be more than just relatives pretending that this music was great. Private & official initiatives.

    This happens in Europe, and partly in Canada. They’re both respectfull nations.
    Not or barely in the US.

  9. [quote comment=”1226″]If there was another clip from Fingerprints available, jeroen, I would have posted it. Sure, Frampton’s cover of “Black Hole Sun” is probably the weakest point on the album, but I wouldn’t use it as a sole reason not to give the album’s other tracks at least an initial hearing before you make up your mind altogether.[/quote]
    I stand corrected. I just meant to say that I didn’t hear it in this song. I remember Frampton on a Dutch program in 2006 playing another song I much preferred. Oh and I thought he was great on Bowie’s Glass Spider tour as well.

  10. As people do not like ( FZ ) analysis: just an anecdote, which happened yesterday, on a sunny day, in Aarsele ( Be ) , in my open roof Saab cabriolet.

    I was driving my dad ( 85 years old, almost blind, however a man with a skilled musical ear ) to the place where he could show his respect for an old grand lady ( ie her dead body, as she died on wednesday). Right then our public Radio 1 station broadcasted ” Dirty Love”. He didn’ listen, as we were talking. I said, while putting the volume at 12: just listen to the guitar solo. He listened and replied: great musician, who’s that? I said : it’s FZ, an american. Then he said: did the americans do something to honour that musician ?

    No. Not even in L.A.

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