Miscellaneous Leaves*

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These are just some miscellaneous files that have accumulated in vain over the years. They all have a couple of links to them hidden away in some far-off page that no one ever looks at, but/so I've decided to make this index for them, too.

*) From Noriyuki Tsunofuri, in the original alt.fan.frank-zappa newsgroup FAQ (which is still on-line):

Normally, in Japanese, foreign things and names are described in katakana. Its shape is simpler than kanji. I think that is what the seal from the ZOOT ALLURES cover: in seal script, written from right to leftMark Erdman says. Sometimes western people use kanji. I understand they want to have an "oriental feel''. That's good but, as I've said, each Kanji has meaning so maybe they should be careful about the selection of character. Otherwise, it might give wrong impression. For example, the characters on the front cover of Zoot Allures mean "miscellaneous leaves''. Some say it's inappropriate word which stands for ZAPPA because it reminds of drugs. We all know FZ was strictly against any kind of drugs. [go to our Chinese/Japanese page (requires Japanese language support)]

From Charles Ulrich:

One of Zappa's two favorite foods [tobacco - Zappa called it "food"] was made out of leaves. So the only thing inappropriate is the "miscellaneous" part.


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