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This used to be a page about the BMG Record Club, but it has had to closed down after a barrage of e-mail from HILL-BILLIES with complaints that the record club had been ripping them off. These REDNECKS thought this was the official home page of the BMG Record Club, and that my e-mail address was that of the BMG Record Club. Judging from what they wrote, the record club doesn't seem at all popular. 

If you're looking for the BMG Record Club's web site, it's at

"De saknar ju för fan sunt förnuft! DE SAKNAR JU FÖR FAN ALLTING!!!"

- Björn Rahm, Conga Park Hotel, Sorrento, Italy, 1993, around
three in the morning (in a senior-citizen hotel - moving a chair 
across the balcony was noise enough for a complaint), jumping 
up and down on a pillow, which he deemed uncomfortable 
enough to merit such an outburst, even though it was in fact 
perfectly normal, with the webmaster-to-be trying to sleep in 
the same room, on a pillow stuffed with STEEL SPRINGS 
(have you ever heard about this?), one of which popped out 
later that night and came within an inch from piercing my eye

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