Leonard Cohen Live In London

At Pitchfork tv, for one week only, watch an integral recording of Leonard Cohen live in London:

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Check the playlist to the right of the page for links to all 26 songs.
Hat tip: Houbi.com

In other news, Moon Unit goes semi-nekkid in next month’s German edition of Playboy (via IBS). Just thought I’d throw that in for added contrast. 🙂

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  1. Interestingly (?) ‘Sneaky’ Pete Kleinow recorded with both FZ and LC, as did Vinnie… mmm, fascinating.

    Vinnie didn’t tour with Len, but if he had I can’t think of two quite so different experiences.

    I was talking to a guitarist at one of the London gigs last year who knew Roscoe Beck, Leonard’s bass player, who apparently said that the mix on stage for the Cohen tour, that Len insisted on, was so unusual and so quiet that they were the only rock gigs he’d ever come away from thinking ‘That gig actually improved my hearing’.

    If anyone missed him on this tour – and like his music (I can almost understand it not being everyone’s cup of tea) – then grab the opportunity this year, because it was amazing.

    In other news, is there any story as to why Moon’s posing for Playboy?

  2. Are you sure about Moon on Playboy? A short search on playboy dot de gives nofink. Maybe it’s a story about the photographer?

    Barry, I bet you prefer this picture over the other… 😉

  3. [quote comment=”5163″]never heard leonard cohen before. Good music. Gross pics.[/quote]

    I met Leonard Cohen once in 1985 when he was on a book tour. Quite the gentleman. Few people know that he was a published poet and novelist before he became a singer. “Who By Fire” comes from his album, ‘New Skin For The Old Ceremony’. He’s also inspired an entirely new generation of musicians from Jeff Buckley, kd lang, to Nick Cave. Thanks for posting this, Barry…

  4. After listening to Cohen’s concert on Pitchfork tv, you may wish to watch I Am A Hotel:

    Part One: Includes the songs, “The Guests”, “Memories”, “The Gypsy’s Wife”, and “Chelsea Hotel # 2”.


    Part Two: Includes the song, “Suzanne”.


    The concept of this 24 min video is based on the reminiscenses of a hotel – or some rooms of the hotel. Leonard Cohen plays a (long term) resident of the hotel. Each song is depicted by a little visual story involving some of the guests. There are no words other than those in the songs.

    Filmed at the King Edward Hotel, Toronto, Canada, 1983.

    The video won the Golden Rose international television award in Montreux, Switzerland.

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