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  1. Did I mention before that I hate musicals? Including the adaption of ‘Joe’s Garage’ for this genre. I simply can’t stand the hopping and the standardized screaming which they call singing.

    My nephew is a professional musical actor and I was forced to attend one of his performances with ‘Phantom Of The Opera’. I fell asleep during the show. The best part was drinking beer with the performers backstage afterwards ;-).


  2. [quote comment=”4659″]we were there, weren’t we?[/quote]
    Yes, and if memory serves, this was the one single time Sharl and I managed to send an SMS to you through our ancient mobile phone, as you were taking the train back to HU 😉

  3. [quote comment=”4662″]Wah.[/quote]
    [quote comment=”4662″]And what happened to that Intensively Used Phone? Is it in heavy usage still? :-)[/quote]
    It is used approximately once a month. Luckily, we completely forgot how to send an SMS with this thing!

  4. Hey, sit down and cool it for a minute …

    What´s wrong with you? Does the world economy turn you into romantic “we need positive things for entertainment” persons? What will be next? The Wizard Of Oz? Home is where the heart is – in Kansas?

    Will KUR hand out Soma in the future. What a Brave New World!

    I´d rather go with urbangrafitto´s link, where the fake is seen and played around with. (Good one, well chosen!)

    With a smile on my face I say: You´re not grumpy Barry, but you´re getting older!

  5. Sorry Barry, I didn´t want to step on your toes here – my comment was meant in a funny way, you know. The people at KUR are very sensitive and without any humor about themselves these days. And I adjust my comment above: You a r e grumpy, Barry!

  6. Okay grumpy old man, here is a continuity clue to FZ: The original Broadway production, starred Mary Martin and Theodore Bikel (opened in November 1959).

    According to the British tabloid The Sun, the movie (the one with Julie Christie and Christopher Plummer from 1965) was selected by BBC executives as one to be broadcast after a nuclear strike, to improve the morale of survivors. The BBC did not confirm or deny the story, saying, “This is a security issue so we cannot comment”.

    Does these facts bring a smile on your grumpy old face, too?

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