9 thoughts on “Son Of FZ Drummers Round Table”

  1. Did I get that right at one point – Steve Lukather and Carla Bley failed their auditions? Hehe …

  2. This jam migh get boring after a while, but it still has it moments. I like Ralph Humprey: he has the smallest equipment – at one point goes to Bozzio’s monster and uses parts of it for a while. Anyway, I always liked RH’s way of drumming: he’s not an “animal” like Bozzio (whom I love, also), but a clever man, building up structures and stuff. Like in 73, or at the Sydney concert. Exciting, rich textures – no madness. Great guy.
    Strange to see that most of these drummers did their best while they were with FZ – they could be in famous bands later, okay, but I do not think of them as “great drummers” like I do when I think of their time with Zappa. Except maybe Bozzio – he’s craaaazy.

  3. I enjoyed these shows too–only watched up to part 4 so far–after a uninformative & forgettable part 1, lots of interesting and informative chat in the later episodes. Nice to see there wasn’t any ‘animosity’ between Ralph and Chester (after Chester joined), and it’s true that they seemed to learn from each other’s playing when both were in the band–best possible scenario for drummers with different ‘feels’. Ruth bringing along the headsheet for Approximate is classic! And Terry certainly makes an amiable and enthusiastic ‘host’: maybe it’s time for The Terry Bozzio Show on late-night tv. (He wouldn’t even need a ‘house band’: his drum kit would take up the full space!)

  4. Poor Bob.

    Great, great roundtable discussion. Best chatting I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks Balint, I had forgotten about this after the first episode was released. I really loved the stories about Mahavishnu (especially Chester being imtimated by Cobham, I told you Billy was a bad ass up close). That is an interesting theory from Ruth about Frank changing the band and his music after touring with the Mahavishnu.

  5. I always enjoy these things, because it’s nice to see that even the people who had a part in making it happen can be as amazed and enamored with FZ’s music as I am. I find it hard to imagine how one could fail to be in love with Ruth. She’s still a True Believer.

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