One Shot Deal

Dweezil Zappa just hit the “Post” button on the latest Z-newsletter. In case you’re not subscribed, some choice quotes:

The [ZPZ] DVD is available at last in stores now and will be available as a 2 disc set and as a special fan pack that includes both DVD discs plus audio (3) CDs of the same material. A single compilation audio CD will also be available separately.

Wonderful, but I think I’ll just stick with the double DVD…

Public television affiliates will be airing a special One Hour show from the ZPZ DVD as one of their highly acclaimed pledge shows in dozens of markets across the US. The first market to take the leap will be Southern California.

An effort to support public TV, well that’s kinda cool…

[…] an exciting opportunity to pledge your best support of your local public station in exchange for the deluxe version that includes Trance-Fusion (FZ’s final Guitar Recording) as well as “One Shot Deal”, the Exciting and New (and Official #83) Frank Zappa release available on CD

Emphasis mine. “One Shot Deal” is said to become available on the ZPZ Tour de Frank and eventually online at Barfko-Swill…

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  1. Geee… thanks for the info! Now the guessing-game might start: WHAT is on the new release, WHEN will it be available, and how much will it be delayed, finally?…
    (according to rumors on the forum it will consist of some more Petit Wazoo material.)

  2. Hmm, I read that as “come see the tour, and you *MIGHT* be able to purchase this brand spanking new FZ release”. Sounds eerily familiar to promises on previous tours, when said materials was not actually available.

    Local community college classes of marketing/PR 101 now forming…

  3. [quote comment=”889″]Geee… thanks for the info! Now the guessing-game might start: WHAT is on the new release, WHEN will it be available, and how much will it be delayed, finally?…
    (according to rumors on the forum it will consist of some more Petit Wazoo material.)[/quote]

    No comment. No authority. No gossip.

  4. More of the same…

    Tease the fans with bits of information, build up expectations, make it difficult to obtain. Bollocks! If you’ve got an album to release, release it in stores and stop farting about. Otherwise, forget it!

  5. A friend just mentioned to me: the funny thing is, that this letter goes around the world, arrives to all the “unofficial” websites, and fans will know the pure existence of the new release from these, sometimes banned fansites. So: the ZFT is suing the fansites with one hand, while giving them information (and getting help in spreading it) to the very sams sites. The circle is closing in.

  6. Tiens, always tought that Balint was a strange guy. Now it’s proven: he has .. friends. Who needs friends?

  7. Ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching. Oh, boy. Oh, boy. The incredible Un-Frank DVD with accompanied CDs brought to us by none other than The Trust in the valley: and, hey, no nasty alumni to get in the way of truly digital sound, either (okay, perhaps the one or two left which have yet to be subpoenaed). It’s just what every die-hard FZ fan wants: more FZ covers by barely known musicians, except the Dweez, (that’ve yet to truly pay their dues instead of just their tuition) and at prices only The Trust can afford. While you’re there, pick yourself up some barely readable books, too, and maybe some T-shirts as well (made with loving care by workers in Honduras who can’t even afford to wear the shirts that they make). Looks as if The Trust has given up on the idea of actually releasing music performed by Frank Zappa from their mystical (if not entirely non-existent vault) in lieu of copies and covers they can sell over and over and over again under the illusion that the music is both live and new (which it is barely either). Wowie Zowie. Never has being a Zappa freak felt so…


  8. Someone who saw the TV-show said on dweezil&’s forum:

    “It’s a sampler

    Dweezil says it includes one of the first versions of yellow snow, some guitar solos FZ had recorded and “some orchestral stuff.” He says “it’s really good” and notes FZ has a lot of fun on it, laughing quite bit. A red cover with a black picture of frank which looks likes it’s from early 70s.

    That’s as much as Dweezil offered. I doubt they will talk any further about it.”

    Sounds like another Xmasage-type stuff. From me (if its true): Sabotage.
    (I might download it from somewhere.)

  9. I’m getting tired and bored about new releases and ZpZ lately. Have been returning to the official FZ lifetime catolog. This is what it is all about and BTW enough material to listen to.


  10. For $120.00 donation to Public Television you get questionable quality and content, while the “dweezil&sloatman” circus gets to look kind and philanthropic (which they obvious are not; they spent more money on legal bullying and donating money to their favourite democratic canditate). How do you spell hypocrisy, Barry? ZFT

  11. “Sounds like another Xmasage-type stuff.”

    Sounds to me more like another Quadiophiliac-type release. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing, even if it would be way down on my list of priorities.

  12. This why FZ music will be steeped in history and cross-generational beauty-making.

  13. I’m REALLY getting tired. I don’t want to speculate, I want INFORMATION. Joe Travers’ drumming and vaultmeisterment makes me sleepy. They are losing ONE customer again. And I know some not so fanatic fanatics that used to buy Zappa product give a shit about it today, because they don’t want to invest in speculation.


  14. The ideal content of this release would be:

    Petit Wazoo:
    I’m Not Satisfied
    Cosmik Debris
    Little Dots
    Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing?
    Duke Of Prunes
    America Drinks
    Mr Green Genes
    Chunga’s Revenge

    UCLA ’75:
    Revised Music For Low Budget Orchestra
    Dog Meat
    Sink Trap

    Containing some guitar work, some orchestral stuff and – yes! – unreleased material.

  15. Can they not just come out and call it “The Lost Episodes, Volume 2”? I’ve been waiting for that since 2001, as a freshman in high school.

    I’m now a senior in college.

  16. [quote comment=”992″]
    There’s a 2nd cd jewel case visible behind the One Shot Deal cd…any speculation??[/quote]

    Sixty minutes of Gail and Dweezil laughing.

  17. MY GOD!!
    What a rediculous amount of negativism.
    Even since FZ died there has been a great number of fantastic releases. Some might not appeal to everyone, all do to me.
    If they wouldn’t be releasing ANYTHING there would be hell to pay on this forum, I guess. Now they release an awful lot, and everyone’s still complaining!!
    You don’t HAVE to buy ANY release, but if you are the least bit interested in the music of FZ the ZFT releases sure are a fantastic way of expanding the number of discs to listen to – in my opinion there can NEVER be enough.

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