La Grande Freak Out!

La Grande Freak Out

Next July 5 & 6 ’08. Organized by Les Fils De L’Invention.

After London & Rome, Paris welcomes the third international conference dedicated to Frank Zappa. A great weekend of debates, spectacle and concerts (special things will happen)

Will have to see if we can make it there! Oh, and I have it on good authority that Thomas Dippel of the Arf Society will be present “to discuss Gail’s actions” — wearing one of these.

While we’re in Sarko-county: props to Zappa In France webmaster Francis Hérard who was present at the first ZFT vs Arf Society hearing and wrote about it here. In French, obviously!

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  1. Re: Zappa In France article

    Obviously the court had to slice vis-a-vis with two ways of seeing: Zappa Family Trust considering that the purpose of Arf-Society for several years has been to set up an enormous company aiming at releasing from the profits by using the name and the notoriety of Frank Zappa which do not belong to him. Arf-Society considering as for it that the ZFT plays the world detectives with for goal or not more or less to claim money with very undertaken commercial in connection with the work of Zappa, near or by far.

    To translate entire webpage, go to:

  2. My mentor Andy Hollinden was there. Apparently he and Simon Prentis got lunch one day with Pamela Zarubica, Miss Suzy Creamcheese (#2) herself.

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