UMV Playing FZ – and Vault News

The University of Vermont Jazz Ensemble will present the music of Frank Zappa at a concert on March 25 at 7:30 in the Grand Maple Ballroom of the Dudley H. Davis Center. Alexander Stewart, director of UVM’s Jazz Studies program, will lead the ensemble.

Live music for our American friends – for free, with tunes like Montana, the Idiot Bastard Son, King Kong, Peaches en Regalia, the Grand Wazoo, and Uncle Remus. The quality of the music lies in the fact that the orchestration was made by none other that Ep Palermo! Hey, a recording would be fine…

Some Other FZ News:

A 1966 concert from MOI is up at Wolfgang’s vault thanks, hipbone!

Some Other Maybe Related DZ News:

New ZPZ releases are to be available: 1, 2, 3. Details? Noooo. Setlists? Noooo. Infos on the Official homepage? Noooo! Infos on the ZPZ homepage? Hey, forget it…

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18 thoughts on “UMV Playing FZ – and Vault News”

  1. the boss (you know who he/she is) did not authorize her kid to send the recent email announcing a spring/summer u.s. tour either.

  2. Hey, Balint, are we workin’ on maggie’s farm here again, or is this just a temporary gig until the farm across the road needs harvesting?

  3. Echoes from The Farm in Laurel Canyon with Gail as a zealot who protect and serves. Remember what was displayed at the helicopters during a famous american war in the 60s/70s of the last century: Hit and Run. And that´s more like it. Hit and Run – the american way.

  4. The accent on Balint’s post is on how much info Maggie is NOT giving where it should. It is not a particular service for her in my opinion.

    The part “…and to serve” from the motto has to be eventually analyzed and defined by the whole family…they don’t seem to find a clue on that one yet.

  5. Hey, tons of supposedly new releases turn up at Amazon. And they just fade away. Maybe we can not blame GZ for this (o, hell, we can).

  6. Actually 4 new releases on Amazon. 3 DVDs and 1 CD of ZPZ.

    Search on ‘Zappa Plays Zappa’ and check out the CD’s ‘Product Description’ for:

    -some junior-high level writing
    -tons on typos
    -over-use of the word ‘virtuoso’
    -the merging of Bozzio and Vai into one person (a guitarist/instrumentalist)
    -and an erroneous reference to FZ’s audio/video appearance on Chunga’s Revenge (not on the CD!)

    One of the DVDs has a review that sounds planted, with references to a “cover band charade” that slags P/O, Muffin Men, etc.

    What a marketing snafu!

  7. remember that rolling stones release, “Snafu You”? That was a good one.

  8. [quote comment=”165″]Hey, Balint, are we workin’ on maggie’s farm here again, or is this just a temporary gig until the farm across the road needs harvesting?[/quote]
    I think Balint just simply and efficiently Killed some Ugly Radio…

  9. [quote comment=”174″]One of the DVDs has a review that sounds planted, with references to a “cover band charade” that slags P/O, Muffin Men, etc.[/quote]
    My sources tell me that’s forum user “trendmonger” — a well known brown nose afficionado — take that info for what it is though 🙂

  10. Balint, you know I’m just jivin’ you buddy (this isn’t a rugby match — everybody pile on, just kidding).

    I have, and always will, love the music of that man with the imperial (not so much so his little genetic mutations and witchy pin cushion).

    Just every time I see their web address at KUR, I think, what the…

  11. By the way, that 1966 MOI concert is available for download as flac files from Zappateers (great folks, really). That’s where I got my copy. If only to have a copy of that Handsome Cabin Boy Jam to listen to at my own leisure (when the mutant offspring make listening to any FZ field recording illegal and punishable by severe whippings…)

  12. “LOL, let’s all relax a bit, shall we?”

    Thank you for posting that, Balint.
    A point I tried to make humorously a post ago… The Futum of KUR need not be necessarily devoid of the Imperial. Moving on is great. Forgetting about (or denigrating, or alienating, or shabbily treating) those who made you an “issue” is not great…
    7 years? Try 10 dude. And I’m hear because I love Barry & Sharleena – we got here because of a love for the Imperial. KUR has grown because of that love. MAY IT NEVER CEASE!
    I’m probably wrong (I usually am), but I detect a certain attitude lately that is not indicative to appreciating the very thing that brought us all here in the effing first place.
    I’ve nothing against a new direction; I don’t think it requisite to disregard the old direction in pursuit of the new…

  13. Was it something I said, or something you ate, Balint?

    And lest I be called on the carpet, I do have a keen interest in where the crew wishes to lead us – yes, urbangraffito, that means you too.
    I’m not out to badmouth anyone, or slam the KUR crew’s efforts. You all rock. My feelings come only as a fan, and reader, of KUR…
    The knee-jerk above all came about when someone posted a ‘Vault Announcement’ (of interest to 99% of the readers, I’d imagine) in a thread unrelated to the Imperial, and was mildly chastised for it. I responded with a tongue-in-cheek plea for us not to leave the Imperial behind in our attempts at new direction. Whether or not that feeling fits with the crew’s new agenda – I can’t say. I speak only as a fan of the Imperial – and KUR.
    So, if any of my words have offended, I sincerely apologize – I meant no disrespect or ill will…
    Music is the Best.

  14. Sofa, you make several valid points.

    I do not think that KUR is devoid of the Imperial. It’s there in the underlying satire, in the tongue-in-cheek sardonic quality and tone of a lot of the posts and comments.

    If KUR (or myself) is in any way denigrating or alienating or shabbily treating those who made it an “issue” please let me know how and which way I can be of better service to this community. I’m here to serve.

    Like many fans of the man with the Imperial, I like to think I can point out the influence of the Imperial where someone unfamiliar would or could not. This is something, frankly, we all have in common at KUR. While we may not always see the Imperial, itself, its influence on music and popular culture is always there, and unmistakable.

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