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The Black Page – Tap-Dance!

Performed & choreographed by Alli Bach – read the notes on (the source:)  Zappa in France and the comments on the original YouTube page! Bravo!

Polygon Head Plays The Black Page #1

So, you’re interested in learning to play The Black Page #1 on guitar? Check out this video from Polygon Head, angrily shake your fist at the guitar gods, and go back to your Neil Young Harvest songbook (that’s what I did):

Hat tip: Joe Williamson

Zappa Meets Dali

The Sancho Plan collective have created an animated short film entitled “The Black Page”. It is apparently quite an ambitious undertaking:

The Black Page is our first true interactive short film & by far our most ambitious project to date. Combining the highest quality musical and visual design, The Black Page is a new entertainment experience in which our live onstage band will control in real-time a cast of onscreen animated musical characters.

The Black Page Animation, Still

The short film tells the tale of a lost wanderer who stumbles into a surreal desert landscape, and learns that the door home can only be opened by an unusual guardian. “Frank Zappa meets Salvador Dali in this unique interactive entertainment experience.”

World premiere: 24th September 2009, Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle UK.
More background here.

The Black Page #2 on Soprano Recorder

…as played by atomholst. Sweet, huh? But you migh like Dog/Meat as well, or RDNZL.

Excerpt from The Black Page, 1988

A tiny snipplet from an interview, and a bit of The Black page, possibly from the Milan show (not the best audio quality, though).

“The bad businessmen may save the world, by accident!…” 🙂

Top Secret Drum Corps

Terry Bozzio is alive and well, and currently resides in Switzerland:

I’d love to see these guys performing The Black Page! Via Roger Bourland.