4 thoughts on “Top Secret Drum Corps”

  1. Voahh! Impressing!
    I’ve heard once (you might know it better), that the main force of the Scottish army was the musicians – the guys with the bagpipe. They were so LOUD and seemed (heared to be) so powerful, that brought fear into the hearts of the enemies. It might or might not be true, but a kind of Power is what I’ve felt while listenning and seeing this…

  2. Yep, the history of ( military , ie 2/4) music hasn’t been written yet. Even if this might offer many historical clues.

    The score I like the most ( when I was playong in the fanfare ) was Jhn Philip Sousa’s “Washington Post March”.
    And now?
    Adapted for guitar, accordion, drums, bass & clarinet? See : Bill Frisell’s ” Have a little faith in me”.

  3. Just listen to the B. Frisell CD ” Have a little Faith”.

    ” Live to tell “, a ( yes) Madonna song, starting in the middle of nowhere, ending the same way.
    Great art.

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