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Le Noise

Nobody plays distorted guitar in the absence of Crazy Horse the way Neil Young does it – Long May He Run.

Neil Young — Live at Massey Hall, 1971

Recorded on January 19, 1971 during the Journey Through the Past Solo Tour, Live At Massey Hall 1971 features solo, acoustic performances of Neil Young from Massey Hall in Toronto, Canada.


One Note Neil

For those who are familiar with Neil Young’s body of work, specifically his soloing technique, this will bring a big grin on your face:

See this post on Thrasher’s Wheat which gathered so many comments in defense of Young’s solo technique, a follow-up was posted.

One Hour Interview With Neil Young

Ol’ Neil seems to be in quite a talkative mood. Via Thrasher’s Wheat.

Neil Young: Into The Blu

Ol’ Neil has released his long awaited “Archives” — on Blu-Ray discs no less:

Thrasher’s Wheat has a good recap of the pro’s and con’s of Blu-Ray technology, as well as fan’s reactions:

I can completely understand why some people are very leery and upset, it’s just that I expect Neil to be unfathomably perverse. It’s been a very long time since any decision he’s made has actually fazed me in the slightest. My default mode with Mr. Young is to assume that I have absolutely no idea what he will do next, or what he will choose to release.

Sounds familiar! 🙂


So, say your typical big-mouthed Dutch guy yells “play the banjo!”
What do you think Old Neil’s going to do next?

Neil Young, live in Amsterdam, February 18, 2008. Wish I’d been there.