On Twitter

As you all know I’m a…

…recent father of a newborn child [who] behaves like an old man.


Just wanted to announce I’ve had a Twitter account for some time now, where I post tweets: tiny messages with a 140 characters limit. Provided you signed up for a Twitter account, this service enables you to subscribe (“follow” is the term they use) and reply to these updates via most mobile devices as well as various desktop or web-based applications. Give it a go, it’s a lot easier than my explanation is making it out to be here.

I plan to use this Twitter gizmo for fast little updates on anything FZ related, announcements of new blog posts and such — but do expect the odd completely non-FZ-related banter every so often though.

Oh, and for my next “tweet”, I had this in mind:

@bernard: I twit, you twat.

Unfortunately, Bernard doesn’t have a Twitter account.

Neil Young: Into The Blu

Ol’ Neil has released his long awaited “Archives” — on Blu-Ray discs no less:

Thrasher’s Wheat has a good recap of the pro’s and con’s of Blu-Ray technology, as well as fan’s reactions:

I can completely understand why some people are very leery and upset, it’s just that I expect Neil to be unfathomably perverse. It’s been a very long time since any decision he’s made has actually fazed me in the slightest. My default mode with Mr. Young is to assume that I have absolutely no idea what he will do next, or what he will choose to release.

Sounds familiar! 🙂