Buffalo On The Highway

The photo of Kaushal Parekh on Flickr, that become the cover of Buffalo. (By the way: did you notice that ‘Buffalo 80′ is official release nr. 80?…)
(Update: see everything about Frank Zappa’s 2nd 1980 North America tour.)

4 Responses to “Buffalo On The Highway”

  1. Paul Sempschi says:

    Wouldnt it be more pertinent to have Mark Pinske talk about the Buffalo release? Wasnt he the road engineer at this time? or is this another episode in Gail’s reocurring beef with Pinske (see: his deletion from liner notes)?

  2. Engel says:

    Update: Did you know that FZ never gave a concert in Montana.
    Q: How could he know that Dental Floss is growing there?

  3. north american scum says:

    friggin’ hilarious

  4. xorg says:

    Interesting. It seems FZ did the north west and south east on the first 1980 tour and the north east and south west on the second, with some overlaps here and there such as New York and California.
    Either way, folks in Montana had a long way to travel.