What Is Music?

The super-stimulus theory:

The main idea of the theory is that music is a super-stimulus for the perception of musicality, where “musicality” is actually a perceived property of speech. “Musicality” refers to the property of music that determines how “good” it is, how strong an emotional effect it has, and how much we enjoy listening to it.

The book is available as a free download. (via)

2 Responses to “What Is Music?”

  1. bernard says:

    Very interesting, I’ll download that.
    Now from a VL / Dutch speaking perspective on music. Which attempts heve been made here?
    - The best possible definition of music ( not musicality ) can be found in Willemze’s 4 volume book ” Lexicon of Music ” ( very cheap, edited by Prisma). Truly ahead of its time, that book.
    - The worst possible in prof. dr. Boereboom’s ( University of Ghent – sorry,he was from West Flanders) ” History of Music”. ( ” Handleiding bij de Muziekgeschiedenis”).

  2. Ohrrrrrrrr says:

    you wouldn’t by any chance have the definition from the Lexicon of Music?