She’s Five Years Old

Forgot all about this here blog’s 5th anniversary which was last July 12. No sparkling collage from Dr Sharl this time, I’m afraid. Beer anyone? :)

8 Responses to “She’s Five Years Old”

  1. Al Stone says:

    I’ll join you in a beer! Here’s to 5 more great years.

  2. Mario Fuente says:

    Happy Anniversary! I wish you many, many more!

  3. Dragi Nedelchevski says:

    Kill Ugly Radio is the BEST zappa blog/site (along with IINK). It’s my homepage! Is it enough? Keep on zapping, friends! D.N. from tetovo, republic of Macedonia.

  4. jonnybutter says:

    Congrats! KUR rocks.

  5. jim says:

    Ooopsy! Uhhh … happy Universary, & Glug!

  6. Balint says:

    5 years? It was three a few weeks ago!! Jeeezis!

  7. ken duvall says:

    Yeah, KUR rocks, but I think I really need
    a collage !

  8. KZap says:

    Right right right my little Droogie!

    Great site! Congrats and thanks!

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