As a US citizen, what could you possibly do for your country now that your president has proven himself to be an unbelievably inadequate, lying, disastrously shortsighted hand puppet for corporate America?
Why, censure Jimmy Carter! Yeah! That’s the ticket.

3 Responses to “Peanuts”

  1. xorg says:

    It seems odd that this organisation is called ‘Move America Forward’. How does censuring Jimmy Carter move America forward? In what way does the war in Iraq move America forward? Im baffled!

  2. jim says:


    1984 is here again,
    those goodthink vibes are clear again,
    so let’s find someone to smear again,
    1984 is – here – a-gainnnn!

  3. SOFA - Philostopher/Chef says:

    In the great, diverse, “melting pot” that is the United States, folks that promote this kind of counter-productive rhetoric are like the stuff that burns at the bottom of a pot of killer chili: Impossible to avoid, but if you don’t stir it up, and let it crust over, you won’t ruin the entire fucking batch.

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