Cha Cha!

Sexy vintage album covers. My favorite has to be this one:

Cha Cha Billy

An obese barefooted elderly man dressed like a mid-70s Barry Manilow, holding a stray dog and throwing around confetti while contemplating a possibly sexual relationship with a goodlooking yet otherwise blissfully ignorant chick. Cha Cha!

One Response to “Cha Cha!”

  1. hermann says:

    not to forget the half aroused ENORMOUS penis inside his trousers left leg! its big as a donkey’s! my, i’m getting hot myself, and i am a man!
    that’s maybe why the lady is laughing anticipatingly? i love that cover. I am sure billy may is the obese one, what? and I am sure he plays the dog like any other gipsy instrument like steve vai one of his many-stringed guitars. hey, did I invent the dog-instrument this moment?

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