One thought on “37 Cello’s”

  1. Yes, very good : the sound of the cello is very close to the ( male) human voice, the closest of all musical instruments. Thus : X cellos sound like x human beings talking to each other ( way too much, I guess).

    Modern master in musical cello esthetics is . He was recently touring Europe with his old friend Bill Frisell .

    Introduction to cello ( still unequaled) is : the 6 cello sonatas ( ” Suites per Violoncello solo senza basso “) from J.S. Bach.
    One funny story about this scores is the following. I managed to make my children ( 10 years ago ) listen to this. My question was : how many cellos did you actually hear? Their answer : 4. Ok, it happened to be a … solo.

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