Ban It, Burn It, Play It

Ha, brilliant: 10 banned albums, burned and then played.

3 Responses to “Ban It, Burn It, Play It”

  1. Balint says:

    Unbelieveable! :-)

  2. SOFA says:

    This month (the 14th, actually) is the 14th anniversary of a my house fire that did much the same to the cream of my record collection – about 200 of my – then – 900 LP collection. My first copy of “Past Masters Box 1” was amongst the casualties.
    Unlike the vinyl carnage rendered here, the LP’s didn’t burn per se, but the “heat treatment” made the first half (approx) of each side unplayable – or, playable in the form that appears here.
    14 years, and those LP’s are still in my basement. Why don’t I throw them away (as my wife has asked on countless occasions)?
    Let’s just say, “a bit of nostalgia for the old folks”…

  3. bernard says:

    The other way around. You buy a vinyl LP. You don’t like it.

    Solution? Deconstruct it as an ash tray.

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