Hasta La Vista!

Ladies, gents, dear faithful KUR readers: by tomorrow Dr Sharleena and I will be off to the wonderful summer heat of Argentina for about a month. Obviously neither of us will have much time to update this weblog during that period. Which is why I have left the keys to the office in the hands of our much appreciated Hungarian friend Balint, who — I’m sure — shall do an excellent job at bringing you your semi-daily perverted diversion. On my end, I’ve made sure the Friday Boots continues on as usual. Our man in France, Gilles (salut Patron!), has prepared for you a multiple downloading fest which I’m sure you will appreciate very much. What’s left to say.. Have a good christmas, a splendid new year, and we will see eachother again come early January. Hugs! We’ll miss all of you.

8 Responses to “Hasta La Vista!”

  1. Mario Fuente says:

    Barry and Doc—have a great vacation! I wish you two Happy Holidays and the best in the new year.

    Thanks for everything.

  2. Bob Again says:

    Safe journey and happy holidays to you both! We will watch for you on flickry, dickry, doctr!

    Hi-Ho Silvr!

  3. bernard says:

    Have a good time over there.

  4. Dr Sharleena says:

    Thank you guys!! We’re taking the plane in a few hours. Holidays!!!
    Bob: say hi to your youngr, smartr brothr in frappr (the good looking one)

  5. Bob Again says:

    I will, as soon as he gets back from lunch…

  6. Al Stone says:

    Hey guys, have a wonderful time

  7. ken duvall says:

    Abben Dansa !!!
    (however it’s spelled…)

  8. abe says:

    enjoy the holidays friends!
    holiday in argentina full blown!

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