RIP Link Wray

Link Wray has died earlier this month in Denmark at age 76. Wray (homepage, currently unavailable), hailed as the inventor of the power chord and the “fuzz” guitar sound, was a big influence to the likes of Pete Townsend, David Bowie and Bob Dylan. In the liner notes of one of Wray’s albums Townsend wrote: “He’s the king. If Link Wray and Rumble hadn’t been there I would never have picked up a guitar.” Some of Wray’s music can be downloaded here.

3 Responses to “RIP Link Wray”

  1. stubacca says:

    the official Link site is


  2. Danny O'Dare says:

    He shall be missed – a guitar god!! (how come he ended up in Denmark? not that there’s anything wrong with Denmark, of course!).


  3. SOFA says:

    I understand that Link just loved the way them Copenhagen’s talked…

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