4 thoughts on “Commie Comic”

  1. Jeeeezis, I did not know about a propaganda-material like this exist. Although the things shown are really familiar (from here, Hungary), but all this (of course) did not happen from one day to another. Strange to think back on this.

  2. Do you know the joke about K. Marx visiting the GDR? As a result of long negociations he was finally allowed to say two words in public.

    Karl said : ” I apologise”.

  3. I remember reading this and similar paranoia inducing propaganda “commie-plot” comics in the 1950s in elementry school. I don’t think this stuff worked so well, because we were the generation that grew up to be pinko dope smoking hippies. It was just too over the top to be belieable, I suppose. Now that the former commies are our friends and business partners (except for Fidel Castro and that nut job in North Korea) and J. Edgar Hoover has been outed for the flaming queen that he was, nobody takes this kind of shit seriously anymore; but who knows, the way things are going, Bush may be declared “President-for-Life” and then all bets are off.

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