All my friends they call me Jim…

Hi Jim!

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  1. nanook of the anchorage says:

    16 RPM?? 16 RPM?? No wonder all those Louisianidiots revere him and give him all their cash! At 33.3 RPM he probably sounds like the second coming of jesus, or maybe Topo Gigio….at 45 rpm he must be almost incomprehensible, and at 78 rpm (which is still the preferred record speed of the south) I’m sure his message must’ve gone directly to the pea-sized hindbrain of the typical American Southerner where all the REAL thinking is done…..

  2. kzdarwin says:

    My dear nanook,
    As a Southerner whose brain is somewhat larger that a pea, I think I should probably take offense, but it’s really hardly worth it. Back it the day, “talking books” and other similar spoken word material often came out at 16rpm enabling more content per vinyl disc. What I find intriguing is the record label (

  3. kzdarwin says:

    Okay. I know that it’s a web site, not a record label, but it looks like it is the way it’s printed on the picture. This disc might be an interesting listen, a 1950s (I suppose) era sermon by the King of the Holy Roller Televanglists about the End of the World, and thinking about how subsequent history has forced him to revise certain predictions.

  4. nanook of the anchorage says:

    Apparently you’re not a typical southerner. They get offended really easily. If you decide to give this a listen, please leave me in the dark; I’ve known for a long time (pre-FZ) that this fucking weasel, along with all the rest of the sub-class of snail known as preachers, wouldn’t know the truth even if it were printed on a hundred dollar bill, and, more to the point, doesn’t, and never, cared about anything but himself.

  5. kzdarwin says:

    We should always remain aware of the mind of the enemy. By the way, not all Christians are greedy, narrowminded assholes; although, I’ll admit that the above mentioned turdpile may qualify.

  6. nanook of the Anchorage says:

    I didn’t mean xtians; I said preachers… it doesn’t matter a bit to me WHAT they’re preaching, to wit;
    preacher=fucking weasel;
    listener to preacher=greedy, narrowminded asshole.

  7. Scott says:

    What a walkin’, talkin’ peice of excrement
    THAT guy is.

    Proof positive that religion’s role in society (not God’s role) is to scare the living shit out
    of stupid people. Will we ever evolve past this
    shit? Ask the magic 8 ball.

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