Tax Man

It’s official: Belgian customs hate my guts. Having purchased a couple of books from Amazon, I once again have to pay up — 13.42 € this time, which is about half the price of my purchase. The kicker: some 8 € were charged for “administration costs”. Catch 22 anyone? Perhaps next time I should order at amazon UK. Oh, and yes: the Doctor is a big Groucho Marx fan! ;)

5 Responses to “Tax Man”

  1. Customs Man says:

    Say the secret word and pay 100 euro…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Too bad there ain’t no…

  3. guac says:

    My favourite Groucho story relates to his getting banned from TV in the States – ( not sure that this is strictly accurate but it’s got the flavour of it ) He was appearing on some chat-show and a female guest had been asked about her children, she informed the interviewer that she had eight children; Groucho:- ” Eight children you say !, Lady I like to smoke a cigar but I take it out occasionally.”

  4. bernard says:

    Groucho = genuine Jewish humor.

    He said : ” The main reason for divorce is marriage”.

  5. nanook of the anchorage says:

    I don’t think Groucho was ever banned from U.S. tv, but he definitely said that. But my interesting story relates to the old lady who lived down the block from where I grew up in Queens, NY, and always told us stories about “those crazy Marx boys” who had wild parties and smoked marijuana in the street…horrors…She also said that they were the nicest boys you could want for neighbors.

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