Courtney Cuckoo

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe far far away: “I have a magic pussy,” she announces. “If you fuck me, you become a king. I’m a kingmaker.”

2 Responses to “Courtney Cuckoo”

  1. bernard says:

    So, yesterday evening there was that John Zorn concert in BXL / BE.
    Truly god. Fantastic.
    With the ” Electric Masada” he’s both
    -deconstructing &
    - re – inventing FZ.
    JZ = director , conducting his own bands.

  2. xorg says:

    Courtney Love has some serious health problems that need professional treatment. She should not be given further publicity as this can only add to her problems. It is a pretty dumb thing to try and live up to being the widow of a dysfunctional manic depressive ‘rock star’ junkie who committed suicide.