Boot Blurb Goes Here

You know, it can get hard sometimes to be writing sensible intro blurbs for the Friday Boot, so I thought I’d just leave you with: Palais Omnisports de Bercy, Paris, France 17 Sep 1984 (Pt. One) – with thanks once again to the ever prodigal Gilles.

5 Responses to “Boot Blurb Goes Here”

  1. Smooghead says:

    Truly in France. Holland the night before, Spain the night after. May as well make the most of it. At least there were no frog jokes. Or perhaps that’s why they played “I’m The Slime”. Rumor is that they left France before the band had to poop……..

  2. frank says:

    Paris 84 sounds good BUT tracks 9&10 are incomplete? is this a mistake or what?
    Anyway thanks for your really good work

  3. ken duvall says:

    Now for something completly different – Any news regarding “Monster Road” ?

  4. NWBA says:

    Nothing to do with the music or the show – have any of you ever seen this building? Truly strange. It has oddly sloped sides with grass growing on them. The neighborhood around it is some sort of urban renewal hodge-podge of concrete. I guess the grass is an homage to nature. In France.

  5. Andrea says:

    Where can I find track 9 and 10 complete?

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