Wild Man Fisher

“Hi Barry,
Our names are Josh Rubin and Jeremy Lubin. We are contacting you because we are doing a documentary on Wild Man Fischer. We are wondering if you have any archival materials i.e. photos, film footage, live recordings, video footage of Wild Man Fischer. We have been filming Wild Man for the past 2 years and are documentary is coming to a close. One specific scene in the film that needs media accompaniment is a sequence regarding the September 15th, 1968 Rose Bowl show where Wild Man got up on stage with Frank and the Mothers to sing some songs. We can be reached at joshrubin@sbcglobal.net or at 323-964-8165.” … help these guys out if you can…

3 Responses to “Wild Man Fisher”

  1. Dr Sharleena says:

    Maybe this could help (or maybe not). This person here has as much items in his trade-list that i got tired just from scrolling down the window…Check it out, maybe the snippet you are looking for is there?

  2. Dr Sharleena says:

    This is his e-mail adress, just in case:
    Hope this helps!

  3. sofa says:

    I’ve emailed them all that I had: a couple of interview snippets, and the WM tracks from “Our Man in Nirvana”.

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