XO Elliott

Sweet mother of God, I’ve just found out that Elliott Smith has committed suicide yesterday. Having been an avid fan of his music since the beginning, I’m absolutely devastated. Farewell Elliott…

I saw you in
A perfect place
It’s gonna happen soon
But not today

Independence Day

2 Responses to “XO Elliott”

  1. billy mack says:

    when i found this out, i was devastated. elliott’s music was extremely important to me a few years back, and it still is. i think pitseleh is a beautiful song, and the music always made me feel comfortable, even if it was sad music. to hear that he killed himself – especially the way he did, stabbing himself in the chest, is absolutely devastating. i don’t even know what to say.

    rest in peace, elliott smith, and i hope you found what you wanted…

  2. patrickpiggy says:

    oh god, that’s awful. “needle in the hay” was the second song i learned on my guitar. oh my god. … …

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