anyone interested in zappa news ?

G and S Music are offering the DVD of Does Humor Belong In Music ?for 11.75 / 18 Euros for a limited period and the forthcoming release from The Ensemble Modern Greggery Peccary & Other Persuasions for 13.75 / 21 Euros.
Also, ( Bob Again ), they’ve got the latest from Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band entitled “Dichotomy” (vol. 1 Studio Out-Takes, Rarities and Demos ). Here endeth the sales pitch for G and S Music.

6 Responses to “anyone interested in zappa news ?”

  1. Name Withheld says:

    I’m just here to bear Barry’s baby…

  2. Guac says:

    OK, fair enough.

    Sure we can’t interest you in free FZ Boot Downloads ?

  3. Name Withheld says:

    idiotbastard notes that lists BS dvd for 17.11.03 release. Region 2 format – no mention whether ZFT release or lawsuit bait records…

  4. Balint says:

    And DHBIM will look like THIS? Sad, quite ugly… I preferred the original one (The cover of the video), better than the one Cal Schenkel made on the newer CD-release – and MUCH better than this.

  5. Guac says:

    Well, FZ:OZ packaging also left a lot to be desired by comparison to the UMRK releases of FZPTMOFZ, CPIII and EIHN.

    “Do you like monster movies ?………”

  6. Balint says:

    By the way: I’ve heard Ensemble Modern from 1997 (BBC Radio, conductor: John Adams), and heard EIHN (for example Amnerika), and… err… they weren’t good!… Also: I prefer LSO or The Perfect Stranger to the Yellow Shark: maybe it’s because it’s live, I don’t know…. But they are not really together, they don’t sound like some other recordings. I’m REALLY curious how this CD will sound like.

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