Moore Kicks Butt

Michael Moore: How to Deal with the Lies and the Lying Liars When They Lie about “Bowling for Columbine”. Quote: “I suppose the people who tell their make-believe stories about me and my work will continue to do so. Maybe they should be sued for knowingly libeling me. Or maybe I’ll just keep laughing – laughing all the way to the end of the Bush Administration — scheduled, I believe, for sometime in November of next year.”

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  1. suzinator says:

    I sure hope he’s right. Recent events have made that ‘No War on Iraq’ yard sign out front look better than ever. My students will watch ‘Bowling’ soon.

  2. Bob Again says:

    I don’t often comment on politics here. In fact, I don’t think I ever have. I am looking forward to the end of the Bush presidency. I only wish I could feel good about the prospects of what will follow. So far, it looks like just more of the same on the horizon – only the name will change – whether it be an (R), (D) or (I) that precedes the name. Mostly it’s just (PR) and PACKAGING. Won’t be fooled again? Ha!

  3. kzdarwin says:

    I don’t believe the Shrub will be out next year for two reasons: 1) George W. Bush and his neocon cronies are so slick they make Bill Clinton look like sandpaper; 2)as FZ once said, the most abundant element in the universe is stupidity. Besides,under our system you don’t have to fool all the people, just a fraction over 50 percent in certain key states. And if that doesn’t work, you can always steal Florida.

  4. Bob Again says:

    Uh Oh, more politics…

    Michael Moore says of the book “The Democratic Party has two choices: Get a clue or die. Danny Goldberg’s book is a stirring, brilliant, last-chance plea to the Democrats that if they are unwilling to do their job – be a voice for working people, young poeple, women, the elderly, the poor, and people of color (in other words the majority of the country) – then their days are numbered. Years from now, if the Democrats have long faded from American memory, anthropologists and historians will ask ‘Didn’t any of them read Dispatches from the Culture Wars?’ “

    Everyone who grew up in the sixties and seventies should read Danny Goldberg’s book and then immediately run to the mirror and ask themselves “what happened?”
    Dispatches From the Culture Wars: How the Left Lost Teen Spirit is available at More information is available at the website

    There is a new book on culture and politics by Danny Goldberg, CEO of Artemis Records, the company which releases Steve Earle’s albums and others on E-Squared. The book is called Dispatches From the Culture Wars: How the Left Lost Teen Spirit, and Steve Earle says “This is a history of the world that I have lived in all my life; the planet where the atmosphere is composed of equal parts: politics and art.”
    Goldberg refers to it as a “rant in the form of a memoir.” As a committed progressive, Goldberg laments that both the public interest left and the Democratic party have become snobish and disconnected from millions of Americans, especially young Americans. He illustrates his point with anecdotes about politicians such as Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Joe Lieberman, Ralph Nader and the Rev. Jesse Jackson and artists as diverse as Nirvana, Madonna, and Bonnie Raitt, and counter-culture icons such as Allen Ginsberg and Cornel West. Among other things, Goldberg covers in depth the controversy revolving around Steve Earle’s John Walker’s Blues.

    The above was lifted from:
    Cheatin’ on our taxes is the best that we can do…Steal This Book!

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