Big Leg Emma

“This year, our new creation is called ‘Big Leg Emma’; named after a song from Frank Zappa’s Absolutely Free album,” explained Dario Pegoretti in his stand at the Milan bike show. “I think all the emphasis on lightness these days is kind of silly, so I wanted to build a strong bike. And Big Leg Emma certainly is. (thanks, Bob Sacamano!)

3 Responses to “Big Leg Emma”

  1. Al Stone says:

    Barry, I think I’ll wait until they make one inspired by ‘Sofa’.

  2. Barry says:

    Heh… Wait! That’s magic ink!

  3. Bob Again says:

    Word is they are working with a saddle maker and an apparel manufacturer on a special saddle/shorts combo to be named “Burnt Weeny Sandwich”!

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