Barry & Sharleena Discuss The New Layout

Sharleena:you think too vertical
Sharleena: it should be like it is now, but horizontal, not vertical
Sharleena: you would be having another band at the bottom;
Sharleena: and a big picture of Zappa’s nose on one side
Sharleena: OR MAYBE ON BOTH!!
Barry: you know, i’m starting to realize:
Barry: my libido reveals itself in vertical design,
Sharleena: yes, your libido
Barry: while you display your libido by including GIANT NOSES in everything you design
Sharleena: hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha
Barry: IT’S TRUE!!
Barry: jesus christ on a bike you know what?
Sharleena: what?
Barry: just publishing this conversation would be highly entertaining HP material

3 Responses to “Barry & Sharleena Discuss The New Layout”

  1. Dr Sharleena says:

    …It was another interesting brainstorming session brought to you by KUR. I (Dr Sharleena) am still in a public internet cabin somewhere in the fourth world (searching for a machine with enough kerosene to connect to the internet). I’ll be back to my blogging activities sometime in the future. My regards to everyone, and have fun!!

  2. Javimulder says:


  3. DebK says:

    The nose as a phallic symbol, hmmmmm. You know what men with large noses have…….Large handkerchiefs!!!

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