Fast, fast!

I’m afraid this one has left me speechless – and a little hungry on the side…
Thanks Slap!

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  1. Bob Again says:

    UMD students eat 1,400 sliders in hunger benefitAssociated PressPublished Feb. 20, 2003 BURG21DULUTH — What better way to raise money for the hungry than by eating more than 1,400 hamburgers?That’s what 112 University of Minnesota-Duluth students did Wednesday, with money for each burger wolfed down going to the Duluth Salvation Army Food Shelf.A White Castle restaurant donated more than enough of its famous “Slyders” – 2.5-inch, 100-percent-beef square patties steamed on a bed of onions – for the event.Jerod Wendt, a UMD senior from Ramsey, organized the event to raise money for food for those less fortunate than the students. Wendt estimated the contest raised about $700 in pledges for the Salvation Army.Each student tried to down as many hamburgers in an hour as they could.Mitch Born won the contest by eating and keeping down 30 burgers.Another UMD student made the mistake of trying to outdo Born. Steve Peterson finished his 30th and went for 31.He ended up with less than 30.

  2. SOFA says:

    I kinda like the above… Maybe a website “Be Bolemic for”. Here’s how it works: everyday, Barry (with our help of course) will post an article like this one, which we’ll all read right after dinner – like I did. Then, we all vomit our dinner into a tupperware container (if you’re prone to projectile vomitting, you may wish to use a larger recepticle first, and transfer it to the tupperware later). Then, everyone mails their vomit to GW, c/o the whitehouse.Whaddya think? We could even carry it on to the next presidency!SOFA

  3. ian says:

    Why don’t they just cut out the middleman, convert to Islam and observe Rhamadhan ?
    I like your idea SOFA!, perhaps we could send him our not-so-hot poop also.

  4. SOFA says:

    A nifty thought, guac; but, W is soooo full of shit, do you think our additions would have an impact?SOFA

  5. Bob Again says:

  6. Bob Again says:

    Oyster eating contest Watch videoUpdated: 01-02-2003 12:51:01 AMFor one man, an icy plunge was just the start of a big day. After the dip in lake Minnetonka New Year’s morning, Rich Tennyson headed to Porter’s Bar and Grill in Minneapolis for the oyster eating contest. It was the first time he’d taken the cold plunge and the first time he’d swallowed so much slime. But guess what? He won the competition. Tennyson downed 58-oysters in 60-seconds.”!8 years if watching it on television, we decided to get out and have a little fun today.”Tennyson was one of eight men and four women to compete in the 19th annual oyster eating contest. The winner of the women’s division ate 20-oysters in a minute. Both winners got a 100-dollars.

  7. Bob Again says: